Why Do People Still Type "LOL"?

Social critics have mocked the phrase "LOL" for ages now and yet it still continues to this day. It has become part of the universal lexicon despite the fact that it's an intrinsically redundant phrase. "Laughing Out Loud"? Is there any other way to laugh besides out loud? That's what a laugh is supposed to be. If you've been laughing in your brain silently this whole time, seek help! Besides the fact that it makes no sense and it's painfully overused, most popular phrases tend to die away after awhile. Remember when everyone used to say "Phat" and "Whack" as in "That's phat!" or "That's whack!"? Well now it's not phat to say those words anymore and "lol" is as whack as it gets. It's not an efficient phrase, there is a better way to laugh on the internet.

If you're laughing just type "haha" or "hahaha" or if something's really funny "hahahaha". At least that somewhat humanizes a text conversation. Typing "LOL" or "LMAO" seems like something you might get as a response from a robot who's trying to guess at how funny something is because they're in capable of possessing a sense of humor. Typing out the "ha's" and using more "ha's" to indicate how funny something was to you gives the other person a much better insight into how amused you were by what they said. "LOL", "LMAO", and "LMFAO" just don't do the job properly. You could say that by capitalizing them it shows something was REALLY funny, but that only works with "LOL". What would be the difference between "lmao" and "LMAO"? How much more can you laugh your ass off? Once it's off, it's off! Would "lmao" be the ass just starting to come off by peeling a bit like a scab? That's disgusting.

Also, "ROFLMAO" is pretty much the ultimate form of showing how much you're laughing through acronyms. After that, what is there? "ROFLCOPTER"? Now you're just being absurd. With "ha's" there's no limit to how funny something can be. You can just keep on going and going, literally typing the "ha's" until you stop laughing and that's a really great, accurate portrayal of how funny something was. With acronyms there's always going to be a grey area of ambiguity and if the whole point is letting someone know you're laughing and how hard, then I think we owe it to the person we're communicating with to be as precise as possible otherwise why even bother?

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