Rape Defense Tips For Men

The following are tips and tricks FOR MEN on how to avoid being raped, not for women. If you are a woman please disregard these tips. There's been a lot of controversy surrounding a list of anti-rape tips the University of Colorado posted on their website, but that was for women. This is not for women so no one should take any offense. I'm just trying to share some useful knowledge with men that could come in handy in a manly worst case scenario.

1). A lot of people say you should poop if you're about to sexually assaulted, but pooping won't help. The attacker has already made it clear they're interested in engaging your anus which is about as gross as it gets so pinching a loaf isn't necessarily a dealbreaker. Don't waste your time or dignity with this one.

2). Saying you have AIDS won't help either because there's a decent chance the attacker already does. Also once you say you have AIDS and they don't stop you don't want to keep listing STDs hoping you'll hit the mark eventually because AIDS is kind of the top level STD out there. At that point the rapist will probably see right through your lies. All this will do is make it even more scary when the attacker keeps going because you'll know they don't care.

3). Scream out "I'm menstruating!" Ironically, one of the University of Colorado's rape tips for women is more effective for men. By screaming that you're menstruating or something equally as absurd, hopefully the attacker will start laughing or at least flinch for a moment. When this happens you have a better chance to fight them off and escape.

So basically, don't waste your time with a lot of the nonsense that's floating around out there and go with unorthodox methods of psychological distraction instead. I'm not guaranteeing this will work, but it probably will work better than the University of Colorado's tips.

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