The Cookie versus Cream Oreo Debate

Nabisco has started a fake war between people who love the chocolate cookie part of the Oreo and people who think the the cream filling is the best part. To me, this doesn't even make sense. Choosing between the cookie and the cream is like someone strapping you to a table, holding a butcher knife and asking you if you want to keep your penis or testicles. It's a package deal. They're inseparable. There's no point in trying to choose one over the other.

The fact is, most people prefer the cream part. That's why they made "Double Stuf" Oreos. They didn't make "Double Thick Cookie" Oreos. Even in Oreo's past commercials they've showed people ripping the cookies apart so they could lick the filling and chuck the damn worthless cookies away. I think they could actually sell the cream filling in squeeze cake icing piping bags and Americans would buy it.

It's pretty obvious who wins the debate, but for some reason companies are starting these artificial debates about their diabetes snacks. Twix is also pretending like the two bars in each package are manufactured by different factories imploring people to taste the differences and pick their favorite. You won't see Gummy Bears telling kids to choose their favorite color. You've got to teach kids to see past color not embrace the subjective judgment based on appearance.

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