Russian Meteor Struck With Force of 25 Fat Man Nagasaki Bombs

The news always like to translate the power of an explosion with how many World War 2 Hiroshima bombs it was, but the bomb that hit Nagasaki was bigger. Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima with an approximate blast yield of 15 kilotons where the Fat Man bomb dropped on Nagasaki had a blast yield of around 20 kilotons. The news compares it to Hiroshima so they come up with a higher number of bombs to impress people. I think a fairer comparison would be to compare this Russian meteor blast to the Russian "Tsar Bomba" hydrogen bomb that exploded with the force of 57 megatons which is equivalent to 57,000 kilotons. The Russian meteor event in 2013 had the strength of 1/114ths the power of the Tsar Bomba. That should give you a good idea of how powerful the blast was, at least to Russians.

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