Stupid Writing Tips: "Show Don't Tell"

Whenever you're in a writing class one of the main things they say is "Show don't tell!" Does that make sense? If I'm writing all I can do is TELL. If you want me to show you I have to film a movie or a video. Whether I'm saying "A woman is kicking in my balls right now with her foot" or "A woman kicked me in the balls last week" either way I'm telling you. I can't show that to you through words.

At the end of the day, anything you write is being told to someone else through letters combined into words and sentences. Nothing is being SHOWN. Unless you consider the fact that the words you're writing are being shown to the reader, which they are. In that case anything you write is being shown not told so either way you look at it, this famous writing tip is complete horsecrap.

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