Oscar Pistorius aka Blade Runner Charged With Murdering Model Girlfriend

The legless man who made headlines running in the Olympics with his special cyborg spatula prosthetics has made even more headlines after being arrested for the death of his girlfriend. What's ironic about all this is that his nickname is "Blade Runner" and anyone who saw the film he's named after knows it's a story about the value of life, preserving and savoring it. So naturally this douche would allegedly kill his girlfriend who was a MODEL by the way.

This guy had no legs and he was going out with a model. What had to go wrong in that relationship for it to escalate to a murder? I mean with two normal people you can see how one might kill the other, but when you're a legless man and you're dating a MODEL you think you'd let more shit slide under the rug and be a little more lenient about things. Now I'm not saying you should be more lenient because you have no legs, but that certainly doesn't give you a license to kill...

What enrages me about this story is that his girlfriend was hot from the thumbnail that I saw and a beautiful woman who is willing to look past the fact that a dude has no legs has to be a special type of lady. Any time a person is killed it's sad, but I think we can all agree anytime a child or beautiful woman is killed it's way sadder. Maybe if he had the heart on Valentine's Day to let her live they could have just argued like normal people and broken up. Then maybe she could have gone out with me. I'm not saying it would have been likely, but if she could look past the absence of legs there's no telling what other immense physical flaw she might have been able to look past in me.

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