How to Pay it Backward

We've all heard touching stories about one person doing an unsolicited good deed for a complete stranger and that stranger "paying it forward" by doing the same for another person, but what about "paying it backward"? Recently in the news there was a famous story of people at a Starbucks drive-thru "paying it backward" that started when one guy paid for the coffee of the driver behind them. This doesn't really qualify as "paying it backward" because ultimately all you did was pay for the coffee of the douchebag who decides to finally stop the trend. The idea of paying it forward is that the impact of the first person's action can expand exponentially, but that's not going to happen at at a Starbucks drive thru.

"Paying it backward" is going to be the opposite of "paying it forward" so that means it has to be a negative action. With that in mind, the only way to truly "pay it backward" is to fart on the top of a very long and crowded escalator. By farting in the face of the person standing under your ass you initiate the possibility for something amazing. If the person who gets your gas decides to take that offering and do the only thing they can do with it and repeat it, and the person behind them does the same, and so on all the way down the line then that's the true definition of "paying it backward".
You know it was strong when they have to re-build the whole damn escalator.
Unfortunately there have been no reported cases of this ever happening because it's THAT rare. It's not only contingent on the initial people involved having the will to fart in the next person's face, but it's entirely reliant on everyone on the escalator having bad gas. Considering that, I think this has the best chance of happening at an escalator in an American mall that people take after eating at the food court.

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