Stupid Dietary Tips: "If You Can't Pronounce it, Don't Eat it!"

Can you pronounce "lemons and raw chicken"?
One of the most popular things personal dieticians and trainers say is "If you can't pronounce the ingredients in a food product, don't eat it." This seems like a nice idea and in theory it does work, but it's not the right advice for everyone. For instance, if you're a recent immigrant from a foreign country and English is not your first language, this advice should go right out the window. DO NOT listen to this piece of advice if you're from France for instance.

If you can't pronounce "Protein" properly that doesn't mean you should only be eating apples. And while "carbohydrates" have been demonized by some, it's still a pretty difficult word to pronounce especially for children. Children still need to eat bread and things that can give them energy. So if you're a child and you can't read for shit that doesn't mean you have to be anorexic. I think that's the problem with kids these days, they're getting these bogus tips from fitness experts and putting them into use. They're told "If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it!" Then they're looking at their bottle of Flintstones vitamins confused out of their minds.

Milk and apples are good foods, but if that's all you can pronounce you will be either dead or in a hospital with chronic diarrhea in no time. This is a lazy tip and it should be changed to just a full list of bad ingredients for people to avoid that way no matter if they're from Czechoslovakia or just have a speech impediment they can look at the list and see "Oh okay, cyanide, I better not buy that!" Instead of risking the chance they might know how to say that word by some random chance and then dying a horrible death.

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