Ask McFartnuggets: “Can I Donate Pubic Hair to Charity If I Straighten it First?”

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Dear McFartnuggets: 
I know some charities accept hair to make wigs for cancer patients and I think that is a great cause. I really want to give to these charities. The problem I’m having is I am bald. On the other side, my pubic hair is very, very, very long. I understand how it might be weird to wear a wig of pubic hair except what if I permed the hair first? I can straighten the hair out and make it look just like a horse weave. Would this be okay? -- Reggie from Washington D.C.

Dear Reggie:
I’m sure you could if the charity just takes the hair without seeing where it came from, but any good charity would make sure they had a way to authentify the hair. Hair isn’t just hair. It’s weird to wear someone’s pubes on your head. I think most people would rather be bald than have a wig of nut hair on their scalp. I know you want to help, but you have to understand that giving someone a wig of pubes is basically comparing their head to your penis and that’s not cool.

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