Ask McFartnuggets: “Should Malaysian Airlines Just Stop and Go Out of Business?”

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Dear McFartnuggets: 
Now that Malaysian Airlines has lost two planes in about half a year isn’t it time that they just close up shop and admit they’re not so great at this whole “Transporting people through the sky in flying metal birds” thing? Who in their right mind would ever fly on one of their flights now? You’re going to either vanish or be exploded by a missile! No in-flight movie is worth that! -- Diana from Marlboro, New Jersey

Dear Diana:
Their recent track record hasn’t been good, but it takes a lot for airlines to go out of business. Most people will chalk these two events up as freak accidents. There would have to be a third before Malaysia Airlines really has to worry. Should they have had a rulemaking sure their pilots weren’t suicidal? Sure. Should they have had a rule against flying over warzones of countries that have high powered surface to air missiles? Yeah probably… But airlines are pretty resilient. American Airlines and United are still in business after 9/11 and that’s about the worst case scenario for an airliner. No matter how many horrifying tragedies occur, people will keep flying because they need to go on vacations. They’ll always believe that air travel is safer than driving even though no one’s going to shoot a missile at you on the freeway. So I wouldn’t worry about Malaysia Airlines going out of business anytime soon, at least not until the next disaster.

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