Dumbass Sayings: “Funny as Hell”

Sometimes you see an old lady fall down an up escalator at the mall and a bunch of people laugh and say “That’s funny as hell!” Have you ever wondered why people say this? There’s nothing inherently humorous about eternal damnation. When someone says something is “Funny as cancer” it means it’s not funny, but when they say “Funny as Hell” then that means it IS funny. Does that make sense? What’s even stranger is these people are probably going to Hell if it exists, for laughing hysterically at this elderly woman falling forever. I wonder if they’ll still be laughing when they’re sharing a room with a demonic half horse half lion with dicks for eyes. Let’s hear you yuck it up then! If you ever use the term “Funny as hell” you had better be an atheist who’s allowed to mock the concept of the afterlife, otherwise you just sound stupid. Anyone who believes in hell should not be mocking it by saying it’s funny. I’m sure the Devil hears this and thinks “OH we’ll see how funny it is when you’re being lowered feet first into a lake of lava slowly little by little over the course of forever with fire piranhas eating their way up your digestive system starting at the butthole. Not exactly open mic night at the ol’ improv!

Well doesn't that just tickle your funny bone.

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