Dumbass Sayings: “See Our Ad in _____”

Why do I need a magazine
when I'm seeing the shit
Whenever you see a commercial for some new prescription drug that helps make your periods less severe or helps your dog maintain an erection, at the bottom of the screen it says “See our ad in Conde Nast Traveler” or “See our ad in Popular Mechanics” or some other magazine. Does anyone see that and go “Okay, shit, I better go check out THAT ad!” What in the hell is the point of that? I just SAW the commercial. I just saw a living motion picture advertisement for your pills and you want me to buy a magazine to look at a single picture of it? Are they using this to try to sell magazines? Is this an ad for dick pills or a magazine? The only reason I’d need to see the magazine ad is if I wasn’t totally sold on the commercial, but if I’m not really sold on the commercial what would make me take it seriously enough to go and search for a magazine? If I am sold then I’m at the doctor’s office asking him about these menopause wonderdrug. Either way there’s no reason for this message at the bottom of the screen.

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