Dumbass Sayings: “Chase The Sun”

“Chase The Sun” is the title of a few different songs by Jaden Smith, Planet Funk, and also Hilary Duff. It’s also the name of an album by The O.C. Supertones. At this point the saying “Chase the sun” is a pretty cliched phrase in the music world. The only problem is that it makes literally no sense. It sounds interesting and exciting, but what the hell does it mean to chase the sun? That’s a horrible idea. First off, the Sun isn’t really running anywhere. It’s moving, but we’re all moving with it too. Even if the Sun was running away from us, flying after it would be a horrible idea. You would burst into flames and disintegrate. There’s just no reason to be chasing the sun. There was a big news story about how a solar flare almost hit Earth in 2012. The Sun is as close as it needs to be. It can kill us whenever it wants. If anything we should be running from the Sun. Moving a little farther from the sun would probably help mitigate some of the climate change and global warming issues we’re experiencing. Unfortunately it’s not really possible for that to happen. In the end, chasing the sun is about as dumb as getting into a staring contest with the sun. We shouldn’t be engaging in happy hijinx with a giant ball of fire. Just leave the Sun alone.

Yeah go chase that. Good idea.

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