Dumbass Sayings: “Eye-Popping Savings”

Eyeballs aren't meant to pop.
Sometimes you’ll see an advertisement for a store offering “Eye-popping savings!” Is this supposed to attract people? I don’t want my eyes to pop! When your eyes explode that’s not a good thing. That’s an effect of some severe problems like a cornea split. Unless your head is being literally boiled, there’s no reason for your eyeballs to ever pop, burst, or explode. I think what they mean to say is “eye opening savings.” When you see something amazing the eyelids have a tendency to open up really wide. Unless you’re that Black lady who was on the “Maury” show, your eyeballs won’t actually pop out of your head. It’s just your eyelids opening up more than usual. If you ever see a sign that advertises eye-popping savings on Lasik eye surgery, do yourself a favor and don’t take that deal. That’s horrible advertising and shouldn’t be rewarded with your business. And if your store’s sales are so “eye-popping” why don’t you just show them? Why have the word “eye-popping” be the main attraction in your ad? I think it’s because people see the word “eye-popping” and it horrifies them into paying attention.

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