The Top 5 Worst Responses To Someone Saying “I Love You”

You show someone your heart
and they get all creeped out.
When someone says “I love you” it’s really a special moment for them usually. Even if it’s not feeling so special to you, it’s still good to take that person’s emotions into consideration and give the proper response. You don’t always have to say “I love you” right back to them, but there are certain things you definitely should NOT say. Here are the top 5:

5. “Muchas gracias.”
Going bilingual especially when you don’t really speak Spanish is usually a sign of joking around so it’s probably not the best way to reply to someone professing their love to you.

4. “Who doesn’t?”
Saying “Who doesn’t” after someone says “I love you” is probably one of the most arrogant things you can say. It also diminishes what that person just said and their feelings.

3. “WHOA! Calm down, psycho!”
Even though this is probably what you’re thinking, you can’t let that just come out of your mouth. Unless you have ass burgers there’s really no reason to blurt out your true feelings for a person when those feelings are unkind.

2. “Me too.”
This is a classic bad response to “I love you.” Most people probably think it’s the worst, but there is one that’s even more inappropriate…

And the number one worst response to someone saying “I love you” is...

1. “I love you too.”
There’s nothing worse than saying “I love you too” when someone says “I love you” IF the person is just saying it in a jokey manner in a work environment.

“Your report really made our team look great. And you got us coffee! I love you!”
“I love you too…”

You see how that’s totally weird and makes the other person feel strange? Trust me when I tell you these are the top 5 worst responses to “I love you” because I’ve had them said to me and it hurts A LOT. At least 5-2 hurt. Number one was just creepy.

At least you didn't paint a love letter on a wall with a bucket of human blood.

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