Dumbass Sayings: “Peachy”

Take it easy on that
fruit basket. you freak.
Sometimes you’ll say “How are you?” to an old lady at work and despite the fact you don’t actually care she tells you anyway and says “Peachy!” How is this a term that people use? Why do we let people get away with this nonsense? Peachy? What the hell does that mean? You feel like a peach? Okay… I’m going to assume it means “Good” because people smile when they say it, but that’s the only thing I’m going on. If I’m judging this answer based on the word then I’m not sure if that’s good or not considering peaches have no central nervous system and are generally just things that sit around waiting to be devoured by people. I’m not exactly sure that’s synonymous with good. How the hell did peaches become the happiness fruit? Why not apricots or grapefruits? What’s to stop someone from saying they feel Strawberry? This crazy old bitch can say “I’m peach-y!” and that’s okay, but if I said “I’m papaya-y” people would think I was insane. Meanwhile being papaya-y would be more a better more relevant fruit considering it’s from tropical islands where people go to have fun. Where’s a peach from? The South? That’s not always fun. This is just a dumbass saying.

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