Five Places on the Human Body That Most People Never Wash

It's tricky to position
your balls in the sink.
When it comes to human hygiene there are certain places on our bodies that we tend to all neglect. George Carlin once said “You must only wash the four key areas: Armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth.” That may be true to achieve plain survival, but if you want to be truly clean you’re going to have to look beyond the four key areas and think about the parts of the body that no one ever washes. Here are five good places to check:

1. Lips
When was the last time you washed your lips? Most people just wipe them off with a napkin, but who really ever scrubs their lips with soap? Think about that before you kiss someone or let them kiss you.

Average human lips are coated in a strange mixture of dried food, mucus, saliva, and quite possibly herpes.

2. Ankles
If you walk around without socks or wear sandals instead of shoes then there’s a good chance your ankles get pretty filthy. It’s important to scrub your ankles at the end of each day because otherwise your ankles will drag dirt onto your bedsheets.

Don't forget to wash over your calcaneofibular ligament.

3. The knee pit
When you’re out jogging or doing any strenuous activity, your legs can get sweaty. When that happens the sweat drips into the pit behind your knee. That sweat and bacteria gets locked in the pit and usually stays there to fester since the back of the knee is not a well washed area.

You wash your armpits and your crotchpit so why not your kneepit?

4. Eyelashes
The eyelashes are meant to keep dirt and dust out of the eyeballs so naturally they must be very dirty. The problem is, it’s difficult to wash just your eyelashes without getting soap into your eyeballs. It takes a lot of skill, but if you manage to figure out how to wash your eyelashes you’ll have much healthier sight.

This is what happens when you don't wash your eyelashes.

5. Inside nostrils
Most people blow their nose, some even pick it with their finger, but who takes the time to actually wash out their nose with soap? The reasons people don’t wash their nostrils? It’s difficult to do and is probably harmful because you’re irritating the mucous membranes. Still, it’s probably a good idea to wash them out once a year just to fully clean house. Maybe around New Years to get a fresh start.

The nostrils are a cave of festering sickness.

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