The Top 5 Worst Places To Break Down and Cry

Sometimes you just need
to let out a good cry.
When you’re an adult there aren’t many places it’s acceptable to break down and have a hard cry. A few examples of places where you can are funerals, emergency rooms, family court, and retirement homes. When you’re not in any of those places, crying can be a pretty embarrassing thing to do that could ruin your reputation and cause some serious social damage to yourself. Here are the top 5 worst places to break down and cry:

5. Poker table
When you’re playing poker it’s very important to keep a lid on your emotions so you don’t tip off your hand to your opponents. One excellent way to do that is to start weeping tears and moaning in agony. Also, you’ll probably never be invited to poker night again.

Poker is like parenting, showing emotions is a critical mistake.

4. Barber shop in da hood.
Barber shops in da hood are notorious for being very manly places where guys talk about sports and other stuff. Most people in those barber shops will mock you for crying and call you a slang synonym for vulva.

You don't want to look like a pussy in front of your homeboys.

3. Job interview
There are a few things you can’t do in a job interview. One is take a dump on the interviewer’s desk. Another is break down and cry like a psychopath. Even if you’re crying about something understandable like how you can’t afford to raise your family, most jobs don’t want people who are so unstable emotionally.

Weeping is not a skill that should be on your resume.

2. Marine boot camp.
Marine boot camp is a place where you have to show how tough you are and unfortunately if you’re ever caught crying, your drill sergeant and/or other recruits will likely haze you. The only time you’re allowed to cry is when your whole regiment beats yo in your sleep with socks full of soap. At that point it’s a mild consolation.

Crying at boot camp is great, if your dream is to re-enact "Full Metal Jacket."

And the number one worst place to break down and cry is...

1. Prison
If there’s one place you should NEVER cry it’s prison. The key to being in prison is to make sure your fellow inmates respect you and don’t see you as a “bitch.” Sadly, in today’s world, being in touch with your emotions makes you a “bitch.” You don’t want to be seen as that. That’s when people get taken advantage of and hurt.

In prison, tears are seen as lube.

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