Ask McFartnuggets: “If Homosexuality is Genetic Then Why Aren’t Gays Extinct?”

How many lesbians are
men unknowingly impregnating?
Dear McFartnuggets: 
If homosexuality is a genetically inherited trait as liberals say then how come gay people still exist? Blonde people are going to be extinct in a few hundred years because the gene that makes people blonde is not being passed down enough so why wouldn’t the same thing happen with gays? Gays probably procreate less frequently than blonde people so why isn’t this the case? There have been homosexuals for centuries so if it’s genetic and they don’t tend to have babies then how is it there seem to be more now than ever? -- Irene from Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Irene:
It is pretty confusing. The fact is, scientists devoting their lives to researching this stuff don’t even understand it. The latest scientific opinion is that the genes that pass down homosexuality come from the parents. They say there’s a gene that boosts female fertility and if it gets passed to a male baby then that can make the baby gay. I’m guessing the same goes for a lesbian baby except the gene comes from the father and it affects male fertility. I think that sort of makes sense, but who even cares? Just let these homosexual babies live their gay little infant lives in peace.

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