Dumbass Sayings: “Rolling Your Eyes”

When someone is talking to you about their vacation and how well their kids are doing in school you might start to do the jerkoff hand gesture and try to look back at your brain as if to silently say “Can you believe this douchebag?” to yourself. That’s when the person usually says “Stop rolling your eyes at me!” Listen up, I’m not “rolling my eyes”, I’m attempting to look back into my own head. You can’t roll your eyes, you can only turn them upward or downward slightly. If you’re fully rolling your eyeballs in your head that’s not good. Your optic nerve has been severed and you need to go to an emergency room as soon as possible. No one should ever be rolling their eyes unless they have false glass eyes. Even then, why would you roll them? That’s a serious hazard for someone. They could step on one of your eyes and slip. Also, you’ll probably lose them that way. At the very least they’ll become filthy. No one does this. So unless someone is literally rolling their eyeballs at you like ski balls, stop using this term.

You can't even roll an eye that well. The optic nerve will affect the inertia.

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