The Top 5 Ways To Refer To People With Dwarfism Without Using The M-Word

Isn't it time we stop
using the m-word and d-word?
By now we all know that it’s inappropriate and insulting to refer to people who have dwarfism by the “M-word.” We all know what that word is, I’m not even going to type it because it’s hurtful. Some people like to use the word “Dwarf” or “Little person” as replacement terms, but to me those feel just as bad. A dwarf is a mythical creature, that’s not something you should be calling a human being. And of course “Little person” is basically like calling someone “Small” which is rarely a compliment. So there have to be some better terms out there to refer to these fine folks and I came up with a few that you can try and we’ll see how it works out. Here are the top 5 ways to refer to people with dwarfism without using the horrible M-word:

5. Limited vertical stature person
Now calling someone with dwarfism a “Limited vertical stature person” seems a little insulting because of the word “Limited” but it still sounds very professional.

4. Individual of biologically halted verticality
This is a lot to say, however I doubt anyone could be offended by it. It’s very clinical sounding language so you can’t go wrong with this.

3. Reverse giant
When you think about it, aren’t people with dwarfism just reverse giants? Why even call it dwarfism? Why not call it Reverse Gigantism? It’s just being a giant in the other direction.

2. Down to earth
Being “down to earth” is always a positive trait in a person. It means they’re normal and relatable to the average person. People with reverse gigantism are literally down to earth so why not call them that instead of the M-word?

And the number one best thing to call a person with dwarfism instead of the M-word is…

1. Sir or Ma’am
Yeah, that’s right. How about you just call them a person. That’s what they are. They’re not ewoks or munchkins or little fellas, they’re just people and they deserve as much respect as any other person if not more due to the crap they have to put up with from ignorant people.

We should probably be worshiping these people like living gods.

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