Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Get Disgusted When There’s Hair in Their Food?”

Human hair is a great
source of protein.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why do people get grossed out when they find a hair in their food? It’s just a hair. There’s no diseases you can get by eating someone’s hair. I work at a restaurant and whenever someone finds a hair in their soup they want to return it to the kitchen and request a new one. Of course all we do is remove the hair, heat the soup a little and bring them back the same damn bowl. They eat it and we never hear of them dying or something so clearly the food isn’t contaminated by the hair. Why are people such wussies when it comes to finding a hair in their food? -- Donna from Springfield, Illinois

Dear Donna:
It’s a normal reaction to be disgusted when you find a stranger’s hair in your food. You don’t know where the hair came from, whose head it came off of, if it even came from a head, and what was on it. Sure you might not get sick from a hair, but you can get a disease. If that hair has lice all over it and you don’t notice, when you go to put it up to your lips the lice can latch onto your mustache. Then later those lice can spread to your eyebrows, scalp, and pubic hair. Technically pubic lice is considered a disease so yes you can get a disease from people’s hair. Plus, eating hair is just gross. It’s made of the same material as nails and if you found someone’s nail clippings in your soup would you just fish them out and keep eating it? And who knows where the hair came from. Sure it could be straight, but maybe that person perms their pubes. You never know. That’s why it’s better to tread on the safe side when it comes to your food.

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