Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do You Always Post Comments on YouTube Videos?”

Why you make comment
me no like?
Dear McFartnuggets: Why do you always post comments on YouTube videos? Are you some kind of attention whore or something? I used to think your comments were funny, but it’s getting really annoying to see your dumb clown face all the time on every single video I watch! Why don’t you just get a life and stop commenting on everything?! -- Diana from Blue Ball, Arkansas

Dear Diana:
If you’re that bothered by my comments you can just block them. It’s easy. If you don’t like my comments then I want you to see them as much as you do. They’re not for you, they’re for people who can take a joke and don’t obsess over comment sections. Once you block someone you never see their comments come up. I don’t know why people can’t figure this out. Maybe it’s because they’re morons which is why they’re complaining about this kind of stuff in the first place. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to people that I comment on videos. They love to mention that I’m on every video. Well if you see me on every video then that means you’re on every video too. That’s the irony people don’t notice. If I “have no life” because I comment on “every” video then how much more of a life do you have if you’re on all the same videos commenting on them too? Think about it, but not too hard, you might hurt yourself. Some people say I’m an attention whore then proceed to shower me with all their attention. Do you see how stupid that is? Do everyone a favor and just find something a little more important to be upset about. Try battling against world hunger or working to find a cure for Cancer. At the very least, go focus your attention on people who comment on every video and aren’t even mildly interesting. Maybe when you come back I’ll be gone. Probably not, but at least you’ll be thinking about someone else for a change.

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