Dumbass Sayings: “You’re Such a Tool”

Sometimes when you’re leaving work and you ask some of your fellow co-workers if they want to hang out and watch a “Three Stooges” DVD at your place they say “You’re such a tool.” Yeah I am a tool, I’m a buzzsaw and if you test me I’ll cut your ass up! There’s nothing wrong with being a “tool.” What is so bad about tools that this has become an insult? Without tools, human civilization would not have been able to advance as far as it has. It was our ability to use spears, clubs, and wheels that led to the technological, sociological, and economical evolution of mankind. So when you call me a tool basically you’re calling me a crucial cog in the development of human existence. I don’t take that as an insult. Tools are still popular even to this day. How the hell do you think Home Depot has stayed in business this whole time? People need weedwhackers and phillips head screwdrivers. Tools make life easier for everyone and help us build things. Without “tools” like me you wouldn’t even have a home to live in. Think about that the next time you start denigrating the name of helpful household appliances and apparatuses.

Yeah I guess I'm just one big miter saw.

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