The Top 5 Most Difficult Times to Laugh

Everyone loves a good laugh, but there are certain times when laughing is almost damn near impossible. Sometimes it’s just physically difficult to make a laugh come out and you want to avoid those moments as much as you can. Here are the top five most difficult times to laugh:

5. During a prostate exam
You might let out a nervous chuckle when an educated man has his finger up your ass, but that’s about all you can muster. Letting out a full force bellow of laughter and incessantly giggling is just way too awkward and difficult to do.

A hand up your ass is called "The shocker" not "The giggler."

4. Being told by your wife that she wants a divorce.
If you really love your wife and she seemingly out of the blue demands you get a divorce that can be a difficult time to break out in laughter. Then again if you hate your wife it would be easy to laugh, but if that’s the case why haven’t YOU asked for a divorce yet?

Yeah enjoy your "divorce party," you heartless bitch.

3. During a home flood.
When you see flood waters proceeding into your home through the space under the front door it’s really hard to take a joke. To top it all off the power is probably not working so you can’t watch your Martin Lawrence DVDs anyway.

Nothing funny about seeing a barracuda swimming through your living room.

2. When you have your jaw wired shut.
If you’ve ever told a joke to someone who has their mouth wired shut you know it’s impossible for them to laugh. It’s probably even painful for them to laugh so if you’re ever going to flash your genitals to someone, have it be a person with their jaw wired shut so they can’t possibly laugh at you for once.

If you ever do manage to fully laugh with your jaw wired shut you'll just rip your teeth out of the gums.

And the number one most difficult time to laugh is...

1. When you’re on fire.
When was the last time you saw someone whose body was entirely on fire laughing? Even if you’re a stuntman in a special fire suit, it’s gotta be difficult to find humor in things when you’re engulfed in flames.

"Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

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