The Top 5 Worst Things To Fill A Super Soaker With

Filling your soaker with
the wrong fluid can ruin
a party REAL FAST.
If you’re the type of person who never likes to lose at anything then chances are you’ve done some regrettable things during super soaker fights like fill your soaker with non-water liquids. You might win the battle, but you will lose the war with the children’s families in court as well as the local sheriff’s office. Here are the top 5 worst things to fill a super soaker with:

5. Stagnant water
Stagnant water is a breeding ground for anerobic bacteria and waterborne diseases. Spraying someone in the face with a supersoaker that’s been sitting in a basement for several years is a very dangerous thing.

No one wants to get sprayed in the face with mosquito larvae.

4. Urine
One popular prank is to fill a supersoaker with urine and while urine is sterile, it’s still disgusting and most people will take extreme offense when they realize you basically just peed in their face.

Mr. Weewee McPissjugs might think it's fine to fill your squirt gun with urine, but who's taking that guy's advice?

3. Windex
When you’re looking for that competitive edge in a supersoaker fight you might think Windex is a good way to blind your opponents, but it’s still cheating. To top it all off you might accidentally spray someone wearing contacts and the ammonia will cause their lenses to melt and fuse to their corneas. That’s not good.

Windex works great on windows and the eyes are the windows to the soul so it's a mystery why Windex doesn't work so great on eyes.

2. Blood
Obviously blood is a horrible supersoaker filling because of the bloodborne illnesses it can spread. Plus it’s incredible disgusting and people will know what it is the second it comes out of the soaker. It’s not like crystal clear urine where it takes people a few minutes. No, people know when it’s blood and they call the cops immediately. Blood also clots in the supersoaker so that can lead to jams. It’s just a bad thing to spray other people with.

Nothing makes someone scream faster than shooting them in the face with a jet of warm blood.

And the number one worst thing to fill your super soaker with is...

1. Diarrhea
If you’ve ever been sprayed in the face with diarrhea you know why it’s number one on our list. It contains huge amounts of bacteria including e.coli which is highly dangerous. It can coagulate and jam your supersoaker just like blood. And if that wasn’t bad enough it also stains clothing.

When you're having nonstop diarrhea it's important to drink lots of water. That's where the link to super soakers stops. No one else is going to think it's funny how the super soaker tip looks like your butthole after Taco Bell.

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