Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Weird For a Man to Blow a Kiss?”

Judas knew it wasn't cool
to blow a kiss. Sometimes
you gotta get all up in there.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Me and my girlfriend were taking the same bus to work in the morning and I got off a few stops before her. Before I left the bus I turned and blew a kiss at her. Everyone on the bus started laughing. Is it weird for a man to blow a kiss? I know mostly only women blow kisses at people, but what specifically is so womanly about blowing a kiss? How come men don’t do it more often? -- DeRon from Peoria, Illinois

Dear DeRon:
Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh… I can’t really explain why blowing kisses is a feminine thing to do, but it’s just one of those gender specific affectations that have become a part of society. Blowing a kiss is just a delicate thing to do and women got stuck with the delicate stereotype so that’s something only women do. I think a man can kiss his hand and sort of motion it off at someone, but the actual blowing of the kiss out of the palm is what bothers people. Men can’t blow kisses for the same reason women can’t grab their crotch and spit chewing tobacco. I mean they can, it just looks different and usually people stare. Thing is, if women traditionally blow kisses then just let them be the kiss blowers. You don’t want to get in a situation where you blow a kiss at the same time your girlfriend does because then they cancel each other out like fireballs in Street Fighter II.

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