The Top 5 Negatives To Having Long Hair

Of course one negative
is looking like this.
Sometimes you start to lose control of your life and the last thing on your mind is getting a haircut. When that happens, you tend to lose track of time. Months pass, years pass, until one day you wake up and realize your hair is down below your shoulders. While there are some benefits to having long hair, there are probably more negatives. Here are the top 5 negatives to having long hair:

5. People assume you do drugs.
The longer the hair the more likely people are to think you do drugs, man or woman. If you’re a woman with hair down to your knees people would usually assume you do mushrooms and they’re probably right. Hippies have ruined long hair for people.

When you're on drugs you realize cutting your hair is just something the man tells you to do.

4. You spend more money on shampoo.
It’s a scientific fact that people with long hair spend more money annually on shampoo than people with short hair or no hair at all. The longer your hair is the better your shampoo has to be in order to keep the hair from breaking. Better shampoo is more expensive and so having long hair can actually be a great financial problem.

Think of all the extra money bald people have lying around because they don't need shampoo.

3. In the summer it’s like you’re wearing a wet sweaty mop on your head.
If you have really long hair you have to tie it up and find some way to contain it because if you don’t, in the summer months it’s like you’re wearing a helmet at all times creating a greenhouse effect on your head.

It's only getting warmer and more humid so there's a good chance in a few more years no one will have long hair.

2. There’s more room for lice and bed bugs to hide on you.
When you have very long hair there’s a lot of area for infestation to occur. Once lice get in there it won’t be long until they’ve created a massive intertwining subculture in the forest of hair on your head.

When you have long hair there's really no telling what could be lurking in there.

And the number one negative to having really long hair is...

1. Long hair can get caught in elevator doors and turbine engines, etc.
Having long hair can definitely be a life threatening problem. If you’ve ever gotten your hair caught in a closed cab door and been dragged ten city blocks screaming then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s just safer to not have hair that can kill you.

Getting your hair caught in a jet engine is a great way to remove your scalp from your skull.

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