Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Weird if One of My Areolas is Bigger Than the Other?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Is it weird if one of my areolas is bigger than the other? I mean really bigger. My left nipple areola has like a three inch radius and the other a two inch diameter. I’m very self conscious about this. Some people think it’s weird and some people tell me it’s not. I think those people who tell me it’s not might be lying. What do you think? -- Morgan from New Rochelle, New York

Dear Morgan:
The weirdness of your nipple situation all hinges on your gender. If you’re a man then yes this is very weird. If you’re a woman it’s still uncommon, but not as weird because women tend to have larger areolas of varying sizes. Still, man or woman it’s not that bad. It’s just an areola, it’s like the platform of the nipple. No one should really care or treat you differently based on this. If anything it probably looks like your smaller nipple is winking.

Generally speaking, anything bigger than a pancake is bad.

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