The Top 5 Worst Things To Do in Another Person’s Bathroom

No one ever says
"Mi bano es tu bano."
When you’re using someone else’s bathroom there area few guidelines you have to follow. You can’t just treat it like your own bathroom. Even if they say “My house is your house” that’s a lie. There are certain things you just can’t do in another person’s bathroom and here are the top 5:

5. Shower
Showering in another person’s bathroom is just weird especially when you realize those little towels they have hanging aren’t meant to be used as “ass rags.”

Don't take your caulk out in someone else's shower.

4. Trim your pubes
I don’t care if you’re taking a leak and realize your pubic garden could use some hedging. No one wants pube clippings on their bathroom floor. You better make sure you clean all of those up, but I have to warn you, it’s difficult to get all of them!

It's better to trim at home with the proper equipment.

3. Go through the medicine cabinet.
Probably the most classic example of what not to do in someone’s bathroom. Everyone wants to do it, that’s why you can’t. You never know when someone’s filled their cabinet with glass figurines that are rigged up to fall straight out when someone opens it so you get caught.

Don't act all surprised when you find a collection of children's teeth. You opened it for a reason.

2. Wash your ass in the sink.
If you need to wash your ass, don’t. But if you REALLY need to wash your ass, then break rule 5 on this list and just take a shower. Washing your ass in the sink is crossing a serious line there. People wash their face and brush their teeth in that thing.

If someone has a sink close to the ground that's what we call a "bidet." Don't wash your face in it.

And the number one thing you should never do in someone else’s bathroom is...

1. Clog the toilet
Clogging the toilet is the absolute worst thing you can do in any bathroom, especially someone else’s. If you’re taking an absurdly large dump in another person’s toilet, make sure you’re taking flushing breaks. Hold the second wave and take the time to do a safety flush and keep that poo flowing through the pipes. Don’t risk saving it all for one big flush at the end because that’s when people get hurt.

Always do an empty test flush first. It might waste water, but it really can't hurt. Then if it seems like it could clog, don't use toilet paper. Break rule 2, forgo the toilet paper and wash your ass in their sink.

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