Dumbass Sayings: “More Than A Woman”

When someone says you're
more than a woman. This is
what they mean.
The Bee Gees sang a song called “More Than A Woman” where they sing to a woman who is “More than a woman.” What does that mean exactly? Shouldn’t being a woman be good enough? No one would ever call a man “More than a man” so why should “More than a woman” be a thing? If I was a woman I don’t think I would take that as a compliment. That kind of sounds like I have a weird genital disorder or something. How can you be “MORE than a woman”? I met someone who turned out to be “More than a woman” at a bar once. Let’s just say I’m not in the mood to sing a song about it. When you tell people you’re dating someone who’s “More than a woman” they automatically assume you’re with a transvestite. Of course that’s a sexist assumption because transvestites aren’t more than women. If anything they’re less because they’re just pretending to be women. Regardless, this saying is a load of tortoise shit.

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