Dumbass Sayings: “LIfe’s A Beach”

Life is a beach,
sometimes you get
skin cancer.
Sometimes when you’re being verbally reprimanded for masturbating in the break room you’ll be in your boss’ office and you’ll look at his coffee mug and it says “Life’s a beach on it.” What kind of nonsense is that? Life is a beach? That’s apparently supposed to be a play on the saying “Life’s a bitch.” The problem is, that’s not even a real saying. When was the last time you hear someone say “Life’s a bitch”? If you’re going to parody something on a coffee mug it should be somewhat relevant. Let’s just assume it has nothing to do with life being a bitch. Life is NOT a beach. At a beach I can walk around in nothing but a thong and it’s totally acceptable. Try doing that at Walgreens and see what kind of reaction you get. Most times an employee will alert the manager and the police will be notified. If life was really a beach people would be too busy having fun, surfing, or just sunbathing to care about the fact one of my nuts slipped out of my banana hammock.

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