Ask McFartnuggets: "How Come Inbreeding is Okay For Dogs But Not Humans?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come people are so strongly against inbreeding when it comes to humans yet when it comes to dogs it's encouraged? We view dogs almost as equals to us and want to treat them as good as possible yet we make them breed in the same bloodline to get the most inbred features possible. Why is it okay for dogs and not us? -- Tianna from Jackson, Mississippi

Dear Tianna:
Inbreeding is generally not a good idea for people just because it can make family reunions and Thanksgiving dinners very awkward. The biggest clue that it’s better to spread your genes out is all the success of mixed ethnicity people like Barack Obama and The Rock. When you do too much inbreeding you start see negative characteristics in offspring like messed up teeth which is common in China, England, and the Appalachians. In the dog world, sometimes messed up teeth are prized (ex: bulldogs.) Sadly, this is reason a lot of dogs are inbred. In certain cases and when done properly with the right education, inbreeding can be helpful. When people breed racehorses sometimes they use selective inbreeding to create stronger animals. The problem is most of the time with humans, inbreeding is not done properly, it’s done in trailer parks with very little education.

A breeder's dream is an orthodontist's nightmare.

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