Dumbass Sayings: “Too Much of Anything is a Bad Thing”

Sometimes when you’re out drinking one thing leads to another, you steal a police horse, hit your head on a steel beam and the horse brings your unconscious body into the police precinct. You wake up and one of the sheriffs says “Heh heh! Well I guess this boy found out too much of anything is a bad thing!” Are you serious? Of course “too much” of anything is a bad thing, you buffoon. That’s what “TOO MUCH” means. Too much is by definition a bad thing. If it was a good thing then it wouldn’t have been too much! You see what I’m saying here? The problem with this saying is people who say it think they’re being profound and sagacious. No, you’re just saying something redundant. There’s no wisdom in this saying. Now if you were to say “There can be too much of a good thing” then that makes more sense. It’s all in the wording damnit!

Sometimes when you drink too much you end up doing your Frankenstein's monster impression that everyone hates.

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