Five Occupations That Discriminate Against the Obese

In the 21st century many strides have been made for fat persons' rights. However, there are still many hurdles for the obese community to deal with. One of those hurdles is discrimination in the workplace as well as discrimination when it comes to finding work in the first place. Believe it or not there are still a few jobs out there that really discriminate against the obese. These occupations and their respective companies need to be called out for their discrimination and hopefully we can make a force for change.

1. Exotic dancer
There’s always one larger lady at a strip club to satisfy people who enjoy a larger woman, but she’s usually in “plus size model” territory, never “How the hell are those heels supporting her bodyweight?” territory. Those ladies are rarely hired, specifically because of the heels thing which is messed up. They should be able to go barefoot if they want.

Sadly, we're not in Greece during the 2nd century BC and people discriminate against overweight strippers.

2. NASCAR driver
A lot of people focus on how there are pretty much no Blacks, Hispanics, or Asians in NASCAR, but what about the obese? No, you’ll never see an obese person in NASCAR because the driver always climbs through the driver’s side window to get in and out of the car. For some reason there are no doors that open. Talk about being inaccessible to the obese.

Your FACE can be fat, but you still have to fit in the damn car.

3. Porn star
There are literally thousands of porn categories online and a lot of them do feature larger women, but what about obese men? I think Ron Jeremy is the only out of shape man allowed to do porn and he’s been grandfathered in. I’m not saying I want to see obese men in porn, but there is obviously some blatant discrimination going on here. You rarely see a non-homemade porno of two obese people making love. They don’t get that star treatment.

If you want ladies carrying a few extra dozen pounds on them usually you have to be more specific in the search terms.

4. Ballet dancer
If Chris Farley taught us anything it’s that the morbidly obese can be as graceful or even more so than the skinniest of people. Despite this, you will rarely see any ballet dancers who qualify as “obese.” Ballet is supposed to be art and art is art, if shouldn’t matter how heavy the artist is.

Human feet bones can only handle so much weight.

5. Skydiving instructor
For some reason you never really see obese people skydiving. It’s not like they fall faster than an average sized person. Maybe the parachutes aren’t strong enough. Regardless, skydiving instructor is not an equal opportunity position.

Maybe if the obese person was in front that could provide some cushion if the parachute failed.

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