Dumbass Sayings: “Mentioned in the Same Breath”

Sometimes you grow apart from your twin sister and through a series of misfortunes you wind up estranged. When you’re brought up in a conversation by another family member, she says “I don’t want to be mentioned in the same breath as him!” What’s this business of not being mentioned in the same breath as someone? What does that really matter? Like taking an additional breath will make a difference? What difference would that be? Think about it, whore. Breathing frequently throughout a sentence doesn’t really change anything. It’s not like words and names travel on the same breath out of your mouth and into some magic land where they hang out together. What kind of trippy hallucinogenic cactus belief is that? Any association outside of that made within the structure of the sentence spoken is made in the minds of the listeners.

Always make sure unrelated names are separated before loading them into the word rifle!

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