Dumbass Sayings: “Treat All Women with Respect”

In the war against domestic violence people are coming up with slogans like “Treat all women with respect.” I don’t agree with this exactly. Respect shouldn't be seen as a "treat," it should be seen as an initial obligation when meeting someone. It's a basic concept. How about just “Respect all women”? When you use the word “treat” it sounds like you want the women to roll over and do a little trick before you toss them respect like a Beggin strip or a milkbone. While some women might be bitches, I refuse to treat them like dogs. While we’re at it why not just teach kids to respect all people in general? If you’re going to respect all women why not throw all men in there too? What do men do that’s so much less worthy of basic respect than women? (aside from degrading women). What you need to do is respect everyone right off the bat, then let their actions determine whether or not you continue to respect them. I know that’s too long for a little catchphrase, but it’s probably the closest to the right way to treat random strangers that there is. Ultimately the message of these groups is “Don’t degrade or abuse women because they’re physically weaker than you” and as long as we keep masking that sentiment under vague catchphrases I’m not sure if the idiots who need to be told this stuff will ever get the message.

Respect should not be dangled above people's heads until they get up on their hind legs and make a cute waving motion with their front paws.

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