Dumbass Sayings: “Greatest Weakness”

Sometimes when you’re in a job interview the jackass behind the desk will say “What would you say your greatest weakness is?” It’s difficult not to laugh right in their face when they ask this because it shows what a moron they are. There’s no such thing as a “great” weakness. What they mean to ask is “What is your worst weakness?” Obviously if someone asked you what your “worst weakness” was you’d outright say “My crippling addiction to painkillers.” It’d be rather easy to answer that question. However, when they say “greatest weakness” they’re twisting the English language around at your expense. So if they wanted to know what your “greatest weakness” (best weakness) was then you’d have to answer something like “My greatest weakness is giving to charity too much even when I don’t have enough to support myself” or some other bullshit lie. The next time someone asks you this question say “My greatest weakness is spotting oxymorons in people’s speech and calling them out on how what they just asked makes no goddamn sense.” It’s always fun to watch their face. If they understand what you said then they may respect you for it. If they don’t, then there’s a good chance they’re an idiot and it’s probably not worth working for them.

The greatest weakness of all is spending too much time giving yourself blow jobs.

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