Dumbass Sayings: “Time of My Life”

Sometimes after a night out on the town with a beautiful woman she will say “I had the time of my life!” Really? You had the “time of your life?” Let me tell you something, every second is the time of your life. All “time of your life” literally means is the time in your life. I think people mean to say “The BEST time of my life.” If that’s the case then you should actually say that. You can’t just remove words from sentences and have it mean the same thing. Sorry! That’s not the English language works. See what I mean? I meant to say that’s not how the English language works. That’s not how it works because when someone says they had “time of their life” could mean “the worst time of their life.” Why do we just assume because someone left an adjective that automatically means something positive? If you just had such a good time then start using some damn descriptors to help try and paint a picture of how good it was, otherwise I’m inclined not to believe you.

"I had the greatest time of my life with you today, Seal Pimp."

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