Dumbass Sayings: “So Funny I Forgot To Laugh”

Sometimes when you’re at a Grammy viewing party and everyone is watching Kanye West ranting, you say “Even if Kim Kardashian got her buttcheeks removed she’d still have the biggest ass in the world!” Then someone who is a Kanye fan will say “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh.” I don’t like when people say this because this is something my grandpa says a lot. He has Alzheimer’s. So when he says “That was so funny I forgot to laugh” he genuinely means it. It’s not just some snarky sarcastic remark to a joke. He literally forgot and I have to repeat the joke and usually after that he starts to laugh. When people say this to me it makes me think they’re mocking my grandpa and that’s not cool. The other thing is, when people who don’t have Alzheimer’s or short term memory loss say this they just sound stupid. If a joke is so funny that it completely reset your mind like a flashie thing from “Men in Black” then that’s the ultimate compliment. So either you’re genuinely saying it was the funniest thing humanly possible or you’re sarcastically mocking my grandpa with Alzheimer’s. Which one is it? Choose wisely, asshole.

People are usually mad when they say this. They're just mad that their brain got reset against their will.

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