Ask McFartnuggets: “Should Tipping at Restaurants Be Banned?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
My least favorite part about dining out is the end when my friends and I have to calculate the tip. There’s always someone who doesn’t want to throw in some money because they’re cheap and we end up having a huge argument. Wouldn’t it just be easier to demand that restaurants pay their servers a liveable hourly wage so they aren’t dependent on tips and just do away with the entire subjective process of tipping? -- Rayquanda from Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Rayquanda:
I do believe that the current system for tipping is flawed, but I don’t think the answer is getting rid of tipping altogether. There’s a decent chance that if you just paid all servers a great wage without tips then service would falter as servers grew complacent in their earnings. Instead, restaurants should have an objective judging system that can monitor and track how good of a job a server does and then tabulate the proper tip and automatically add it onto the bill. That way the customer gets great service and the server will get paid appropriately and won’t have to worry about getting stiffed after doing a great job. Unfortunately this would take a bit of researching and developing new electronic tracking technology and I doubt most restaurants are willing to spend the money to do that. Til then just honor the system properly. If the server is attentive and nice then give them a really good tip. If they’re ignorant and slow then you give them nothing and let them figure out they need to step their game up! This system would work in theory if everyone stuck to those rules. Sadly, you have a lot of assholes who will leave little to no tip for great service as well as people who will drop a hundred on some shitty service and that just ruins everything for everyone.

The only type of tipping that should be banned is the cow variety.

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