The Top 5 Worst Times To Say “Pics or It Didn’t Happen!”

One of the most popular sayings with the youth these days is “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Usually people say this when someone makes a tremendous claim or tells an amazing story that is otherwise unbelievable without photographic proof. It’s a nice way to verify that someone’s actually telling the truth because of course you should always believe everything you see… But there are some times when this saying is completely inappropriate. Here are the top 5 worst times to say “Pics or it didn’t happen!”

5. When someone tells you someone broke their camera.
If someone tells you an outrageous story about how they saw Rosie O’Donnell and wanted to take a picture with her and Rosie threw their phone on the ground you can’t say “Pics or it didn’t happen” because there would be no way to take a photo. This is why you have to be very wary of phone/camera breaking stories.

You're trying to catch someone in a lie, not pose them a riddle.

4. When someone’s talking about their hemorrhoids.
When a coworker is going on and on about their battle with hemorrhoids the last thing you want to say is “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Trust me. I’ve made that mistake before just because I thought it would make the conversation a little more interesting and boy did it ever!

It's like sticking a sea urchin up your ass!

3. When someone tells you they slept with your mother.
A lot of times in life you’ll encounter someone who claims to have had sexual intercourse with your mother. A lot of the times they’re lying, some of the times they’re telling the truth, either way you don’t want to really see photos of what happened. It’s best to go right to the source and ask your mother if you really need verification.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree there.

2. When someone tells you their grandma died.
There are always those moments in life where a friend comes to you in a time of pain and tells you that their grandmother has just passed away. If the person is the type that needs attention all the time then you might be worried they’re lying. Asking them for pics of their dead grandma is not the best way to handle that worry. In that case you just comfort them as best you can and if it’s a lie then that’s on them. Don’t put it on you by asking for pics.

People tend to only want to share photos of their grandma when she wins awards or does something other than die.

And the number one worst time to say “Pics or it didn’t happen!” is...

1. When someone tells you they were sexually assaulted.
I shouldn’t really have to explain this one. It’s like a combination of the dead grandma one and the sleeping with your mother one plus a third factor which is the act of sexual assault. You just don’t ask for pics no matter how often people can lie about this. Leave that up to the police.

What sick bastard would be taking a photo of this?

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