Ask McFartnuggets: "My Pee Smells Like Poop?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I took a wee wee the other day and I was dismayed to smell the scent of poop emanating from the peepee. At first I thought I was smelling old poop from my roommate, but then I remembered he hadn't been home all day. It couldn't have been old poop odors. The smell of poop was coming from my pee! What the hell is going on here? -- Dana from Newport, Virginia

Dear Dana:
You either have a very serious infection in your urinary tract or there may be a simpler explanation for what you’re experiencing. Have you ever considered the idea that you might be ghost farting? Ghost farting is the phenomena of farting without realizing you’re farting. It’s called this because many people tend to think it’s ghosts farting when in all provable actuality it’s just the silent, near motionless release of gas which occurs when there is no reverberation of the asscheeks and or anus. Now if you’re a female then it’s very likely you could be releasing ghost farts that you don’t hear or feel, yet the gas is still leaking out of your ass leading to the shit stink. If you’re a man then it’s still possible you’re ghost farting, but I’d lean more toward an internal issue unless you’re sitting down to pee as a man. It’s also possible you might have some actual fecal matter in your peehole if you’ve had anal sex recently. Sorry, it’s hard to tell with a name like Dana I can’t make an assumption. If the issues persist I would contact a gynecologist/urologist immediately.

Urine can smell like a few things, poo should never be one of them.

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