Dumbass Company Names: “RadioShack”

It was recently reported that RadioShack has defaulted on a loan and their stock is no longer being traded. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering RadioShack has been slowly going out of business since the 1980’s. No one should be surprised that RadioShack is bankrupt and dying off. The fatal flaw of this company was made in its inception. You don’t name a company “RadioShack.” In the 21st century, radio is a near dead technology. It’s still being used by police and military, but aside from that with the popularity of podcasts and the internet it has become entirely obsolete. You can’t attach a technology to your company’s name like that. They clearly didn’t learn from the failures of companies like Phonograph City and Telegraph Cabin. Oh wait those weren’t real companies because only a moron would have called their business those things. “RadioShack” is the equivalent of a healthcare provider being called “LeechMed.” Not many people would step into a “LeechMed” for a checkup even if they had up to date treatments. Most kids these days probably don’t even know what a radio is so how the hell do you expect your business to continue like that? Also, who the hell names their business after a shack? If someone invites you into their shack you say “no” and then you run away. No one wants to be in a shack. Nothing good ever happened in a shack and now that RadioShack is finally going out of business it appears that nothing ever will.

How inviting!

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