Dumbass Sayings: “Funny Thing Is…”

Sometimes when you’re talking to your grandmother after your grandpa dies she says “Funny thing is… I never really loved him.” Have you ever noticed that ten times out of ten whenever someone says “Funny thing about that is…” whatever they say after that introduction is never funny? People always say things like “Funny thing is… The babysitter wrote me a text saying she was suicidal a week before I found her body.” That’s not funny. No one ever says “Funny thing is… this fat lady fell down the stairs and screamed ‘I THINK I BROKE MY VAGINA!” Now if they said that then they’d be telling the truth, that is humorous. People need to stop opening their statements with false prefaces. You never hear someone say “Happy thing is, my dog died of Canine Leukemia.” But that’s just as wrong as saying something’s about to be funny and then saying something totally unfunny. I think in most cases people would be better off saying “The disturbing thing is…” or “The messed up thing is…”

The funny thing is, I have a lot of low-lying property.

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