Peeing in the Sink: A Convenient New Way to Save Water?

One of the greatest threats facing humanity is that we will one day run out of fresh water. That is why it is imperative that everyone save as much water as possible. We will all have to make sacrifices and one of those sacrifices is peeing into the sink. No, hear me out on this. Every time a toilet is flushed it uses anywhere between 1.5 and 7 gallons of water. That’s a lot of water. Now you’re thinking “But Binkie, can’t I just pee in the toilet and let it sit there?” No, that’s poor etiquette. When you go to someone’s house and you open their toilet lid and see stale piss in there, you think “Wow, these people are fucked up.” Had they simply peed into the sink then there would be no trace at all. When you pee in the sink it goes right down the drain and that’s that! Still need convincing? Check out the following points:

1. You can pee anywhere in the house into a jug to dump out later.
Isn’t it a pain in the ass to have to walk to the bathroom every time you need to take a whiz? Well if you’re comfortable with peeing in the sink then there’s a good chance peeing in a bucket won’t bother you. At that point you can just dump it into the sink at your convenience. Why not the shower? What are you an animal? Who pees in the shower?!

2. Urine is STERILE.
The key thing to remember here is that urine is sterile (as long as you don’t have any infections). So I don’t understand all this “Ewww, get your urine off of me!” or “What the hell is wrong with you! WHY ARE YOU PEEING IN MY KITCHEN SINK! At least take the dishes out first!” It’s STERILE. Do you know what the word sterile means? It means free of germs, fool.

3. You don’t have to occupy the bathroom.
Possibly the biggest reason to pee in the sink has nothing to do with saving the planet at all. If you pee in the sink then that really comes in handy when you’re living with a bunch of people. Since there’s a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, and a toilet you can conceivably have two people peeing and one person crapping simultaneously all in the same home at once. If you abide by the outdated notion of only peeing in the toilet then that shoots down to one person in the bathroom doing one thing. Think about it. Peeing in the sink just makes sense.

You’re probably reading this thinking “No way will I ever pee in my sink, you sick bastard. That’s crazy!” Yeah well I bet a lot of people thought the Wright Brothers were crazy when they started peeing in their sink too and look what they ended up doing. Sometimes the greatest ideas start off with the least support.

People also said putting a squid in the kitchen sink was weird too. Well I proved them wrong!

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