Dumbass Sayings: “Time is Money”

There is a popular phrase that governs the world we live in right now and it’s “Time is money.” This is the reason so many people like psychiatrists, lawyers, and prostitutes get paid by the hour. This is something the owner of the local clock store says to his employees constantly. Unfortunately, no one took the time to realize this saying is complete bullshit. If time was money then I could pay a hooker with just my presence. If time was money I could just slip a few seconds into a stripper’s g-string or throw a minute in between her big fake cans. No, time isn’t actually money even though you can “spend” it. The reality is that some people’s time can be worth money to others. That’s what the saying ought to be. “Some people’s time CAN be worth money to other people.” But time itself is not money. If it was, that would mean money stretches across the universe. I don’t know much about how alien civilizations work, but I can tell you there’s a decent chance they don’t use wormholes as currency exchange portals.

When money flies away you're usually not having fun.

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