Dumbass Sayings: “You Can Say That Again!”

Sometimes when you fart in public and say “Whoever that was needs to cut down on the fiber intake!” Someone else smelling the fart will say “You can say that again!” Why should I say that again? If you agree with what someone just said why should they have to repeat it? That makes no sense. If someone’s saying something that people DON’T agree with, then they should say it again and maybe rephrase it to allow for more people to agree with it. If people are already agreeing on something then there’s a good chance it’s an obvious truth in which case it probably doesn’t even need to be said the first time much less a second. Ultimately the stupidity of this saying is highlighted by the fact that no one ever says it again. The only time people ever repeat themselves after someone says “You can say that again” it’s meant as a joke to show how dumb and out of touch with reality that phrase is.

Of course I can say that again. The question is, why would I?

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