Dumbass Sayings: “No Hobo”

Sometimes a young person will come up to you on the sidewalk and say “Yo, man lemme get a dollar so I can pay for something to eat, no hobo.” People think that by simply saying the phrase “no hobo” after a sentence it doesn’t matter how homeless what they just said sounded they should not be deemed homeless. What they’re not realizing is saying “no hobo” actually makes me less willing to give you the money. Most people want to help the homeless because it’s messed up that there are homeless people out there who don’t have a place of their own to sleep at night. If you’re just some punk kid asking for a dollar then you should go ask your parents or get a loan from your friends. Those are some serious benefits that homeless people don’t have. Also, unless the kid is wearing “distressed clothing” from Kanye West’s new ADIDAS fashion line, it’s pretty apparent they’re not homeless. You rarely see homeless teenagers for whatever reason which is good, but just another reason they don’t need to be saying “no hobo.” It’s just a sign of how hobophobic people are becoming. Is it even legal for two hobos to get married these days? You never see that. They have the right to be happy just like anyone else.

Using language like this makes hobos feel bad about themselves when they shouldn't be.

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