Dumbass Sayings: “Egging Someone on”

When co-workers who want you to get fired encourage you to continue on your half naked drug fueled tirade at work, some people would say that they’re “egging you on.” This is yet another one of those phrases that people use without second guessing what the hell they’re even saying. How can you “egg someone on”? Does it mean you’re throwing eggs at them? Does it mean you’re rubbing female sanitary napkins on their face? No, it’s actually from an old Norse word “eddja” which meant “to incite” and was the equivalent of the modern word “edge.” So we now have a newer form of English we can just say you’re “edging someone on.” That would actually make sense. Instead, we decide to involve thoughts of shells and yolk for no reason. It’d be one thing if people actually knew that’s what this shit meant, but if you don’t then there’s no reason to be using the words.

Unless you're egging your girlfriend on to get an abortion, I don't know how this saying makes sense.

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